about us

50 years
of experience

D’Anna begins in 1969 in the precision mechanical machining sector in the Arms Industry. Being an organisation strongly orientated both towards its customers’ requirements and constant technological innovation, D’Anna is a leader in the mechanical machining sector and in particular in the sporting and defence arms industry.

The change of ownership in 2017, enables the company to gain experience in different sectors such as in the Automotive and General Engineering Industries, without, however, losing its position of importance on the firearms market.

Our company today

Today D’Anna presents itself as a partner of excellence in the production of precision mechanical components in a variety of sectors:

  • Arms Industry
    machining to specifications on sporting and defence arms parts
  • Automotive Industry
    machining of industrial vehicle components
  • Lightings industry
    machining of components designed for the runway lighting systems sector
  • Medical industry
    machining of components intended for the medical sector

Innovation and quality: we invest in technology and training

We are constantly looking out for training programs which enable us to evolve and to be in the condition of offering our customers innovative products also thanks to the more and more advanced technology in our production processes.


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